PolarPads – flexible cooling

  • Can you guarantee that your next shipment of fresh fruits, vegetables or flowers will arrive at its destination, as fresh as on the day you packed them? 
  • Can you assure that your customer will get his next order of fresh seafood will keep its first class quality while shipped to him?
  • Can you afford to risk an interruption of the cool chain when sending vaccine or other valuable medical products by post?


Ice, wet or dry, is a nightmare for all those who deal with the transport of temperature sensitive or perishable goods. The organisation of a cool chain raised the coast for packaging and shipping constantly. Expensive goods often lose on value while shipped. Wet ice is inefficient and when melted it is a mess. Dry ice can, because of its low temperature, not be used for all goods, moreover its handling is dangerous and the storage of large amounts of dry ice is quit expensive.

With PolarPads you don’t have to worry about all those problems. PolarPads are the current solution for your transport of perishable goods. Be ahead of your competitors and start to save money.